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MammalBase - Diet set for Canis lupus

Diet set for Canis lupus

Table 1. List of accepted Taxa that Canis lupus is matched against.
Taxon Reference Match Status
Canis lupus Wilson, Don E., and DeeAnn M. Reeder, eds. Mammal Species of the World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed), JHU Press, 2005. 1: Exact Taxon match Verified - Accepted
Diet set for Canis lupus
Location: Mountainous zone: Lombard Apennines, Northern Apennines, Italy
Time period: nan: (12) months
Sample size: 0
Method: Scat contents: mean percent volume (VM%)
Study time: 2009-2010
Cited reference: Original study
Reference: Torretta, E., Brangi, A. and Meriggi, A., 2024. Changes in Wolf Occupancy and Feeding Habits in the Northern Apennines: Results of Long-Term Predator–Prey Monitoring. Animals, 14(5), p.735.

Table 2. Food items listed for Canis lupus
List order Ratio TSN Complete name Part
1 68.160 Artiodactyla WHOLE
2 39.430 Capreolus capreolus WHOLE
3 25.510 Sus scrofa WHOLE
4 18.140 Mammalia WHOLE
5 8.210 Bos taurus WHOLE
6 6.490 Capra hircus WHOLE
7 5.160 Mammalia WHOLE
8 3.710 Mammalia WHOLE
9 3.220 Cervus elaphus WHOLE
10 1.720 Equus caballus WHOLE
11 1.720 Ovis aries WHOLE